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Recording Drums with Two Microphones!

In this video, I continue my series on recording drums … by doubling the about of microphones I used! This time, I used two Shure SM57s – one in the kick drum, and one as an overhead. The overhead was

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My Home Recording Studio Setup

In this video, I share my home studio with you. I show off my space, and my instruments, recording equipment, and microphones. Though you’ll see lots of gear, it’s all pretty normal, simple stuff – no huge recording desk, mixing

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Home Recording Studio for the Average Musician

There’s a lot or “how to record music” videos out there – tips, tricks, and tutorials …. made by pros. Made by people who do this stuff full-time, and who use great equipment, pricey microphones, etc. But there’s not a

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Disappearing – one Song, one Month

So I just wrote and recorded a song, from (almost) start to finish, in one month! The song is called Disappearing, and it’s embedded above. Listen and share! I follow Graham Cochrane’s blog The Recording Revolution. Graham’s blog is full

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Finally Started Recording!

Finally! I have started recording. You might remember that I have been working on a new album. I have 11 songs written, and rough voice/guitar demos are done for each song. Over the weekend, I started recording the full, album

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