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Recording my Drums

I recently recorded my drums, and like how the recording came out. Well – at least how the drums sound! Watch the video, crank up the volume, and enjoy the awesome tone of my drums. I know I did! Advertisements

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6 Tips for Worship Team Drummers

I’ve been drumming about once a month at my church, and loving it! I’ve probably played drums at church for over 25 years (yikes!). And I’ve played drums at quite a few churches (because of moves to different cities, etc).

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Can a Worship Leader Really Get in God’s Way?

I recently saw this photo circulating amongst the worship drummers on Instagram. At one time, I fully agreed with this. I didn’t want people to think about me or my performance. I’d much rather have my playing somehow point to

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Drum Solo and Home Recording Test

I recently recorded a short drum solo … here it is! Remember awhile back, when I said I’m going to record some music this year? Well, this is me, testing my drum micing technique, and getting reacquainted with Logic Pro

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Evans Level 360 Drumheads – Buy Them.

I’m a drummer (among other things), and just switched my old drumheads out for some new Evans G2 Level 360 drumheads. Have you read about the Level 360 drumheads? Here’s what Evans says about them … on second thought, never

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