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Emotional Responses in Worship

I love Carlos Whittaker’s short blog post about feelings. We were definitely created to FEEL. As a worship leader, sometimes talking about “feelings” can get really weird and almost scary-sounding, right? Because – as a worship leader – you don’t want

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Having a Music Stand on Stage is OK!

I just watched this video by the Worship Tutorials guys on Youtube (check out their channel!). I love their “how to play this song” videos – they are great, and usually in a key that I can sing in. So

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Performing is fine – if the focus is right

I just read some interesting blog posts by some worship leaders about “performancism:” Are we headed for a crash (the original article) What is the Real Problem with Today’s Evangelical Worship (one of many responses) Both articles are good, and

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Using OnSong for Chord Charts

I’ve been using OnSong for about six months or so, and I have to say – it’s one of my favorite music apps! Why? Because I don’t have to carry around a notebook full of printed music, in different keys,

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Prepping for Sunday

How do I prep for leading worship on Sunday mornings? Honestly? Mainly practice. Ok – I pray, too. That’s extremely important! But for the musical stuff, I practice running through all the songs (usually four of them) 2-3 times. This

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