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Home Recording Studio for the Average Musician

There’s a lot or “how to record music” videos out there – tips, tricks, and tutorials …. made by pros. Made by people who do this stuff full-time, and who use great equipment, pricey microphones, etc. But there’s not a

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Making Drums Quieter

I’ve been following some worship team groups on Facebook (look for Worship Leaders + in Facebook Groups!). There was a question about getting the drums quieter so the church could take their plexiglass drum shield down. I’m definitely a HUGE

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Tips for Consistent Songwriting

I just saw two articles talking about songwriting, and I thought they had some really good tips. The two articles are: How to Write Songs Faster: 7 Tips to a better song (in less time) When Do YOU Write Songs?

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New Song – If I Stay!

I have a new song up on Soundcloud called If I Stay. Please take a listen, favorite it, share it, etc! This song is sorta special to me. Why? Because I took a very different approach to writing it, and

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Recording my Drums

I recently recorded my drums, and like how the recording came out. Well – at least how the drums sound! Watch the video, crank up the volume, and enjoy the awesome tone of my drums. I know I did!

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