Hi! I’m David Lee King. I’m a librarian, a speaker, an author (I’ve written two geek books), and a musician. I write about libraries, emerging trends, and social media at my main blog, davidleeking.com.

That’s fun and all, but lately I’ve wanted to write about some other topics, including:

  • Music: cool songs, styles, and how to play them.
  • Music gear: guitars, drums, effects pedals, picks, you name it!
  • God: I lead worship at a church – God will creep into any discussion I have about music eventually.

Why read my thoughts on that stuff? Well – I’ve played drums for over 30 years, and guitar for over 25 years, so I know my way around a bit. Plus, I love learning new things (new styles, new instruments, etc) and sharing what I’m learning.

So – that’s what you’ll find here. Hope you enjoy it and stick around!

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David Lee King

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