Finally Started Recording!

Recording my drums

Finally! I have started recording. You might remember that I have been working on a new album. I have 11 songs written, and rough voice/guitar demos are done for each song.

Over the weekend, I started recording the full, album version of the songs. The photo above shows an overhead mic pointing at my drum set.

Recording everything yourself is not easy! Here’s the process I went through – sort of start and stop:

  • Practiced drumming to the rough recording a few times to get the feel of the song down, and to make sure I remembered the transitions (i.e., intro, bridge, turnarounds, etc)
  • Recorded the drums in Garageband while playing to a metronome (mainly because Logic was updating, and was threatening to take a good hour to update)
  • Moved the drums over to Logic Pro X, and did some really basic mixing and tweaking
  • Recorded the bass using Logic’s virtual amps
  • ok – recorded and re-recorded the bass … bass is not my strong suit!
  • … took a long break…
  • Recorded a guitar part using Logic’s virtual amps
  • Realized Logic’s virtual amps sound horrible, and re-recorded the guitar using my real amp and a mic
  • Recorded 2-3 other guitar parts
  • Re-recorded the bass with a real amp and a mic (again, much better sounding than the virtual amp in Logic)
  • recorded a short guitar solo

Now all that’s left is the singing – main part and a couple of backup vocal parts. And the mixing, mastering, etc.

Next time, I’ll change this process up a bit! No more virtual amps – I’ll just stick with the real ones. I’ll probably just record in Logic – no real need for Garageband. And I’ll probably record the guitar first, then the bass. That seems to work better for me.

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