New Album Progress

Just a quick update to say – all my rough demos for my upcoming album are done! Ten songs, ten rough demos. Whew!

This last Saturday, I had a good chunk of time. So I whipped out my lyrics, picked up my guitar, and whittled away at the rest of my songs. Which meant that I did this stuff in the space of about 4 hours:

  • Finalized the melody to four songs.
  • Finalized the chords and chord structures of each song.
  • Did some minor lyric edits to make the melodies, rhythms, and words all gel together.

And did a fast guitar/vocal recording of each song, too!

What’s next? Well – honestly, I have a lot of normal work stuff to do first. As in a good 10 or so presentations to create and give, a small publication to write, and a forward of a book to write. Lots of projects, not lots of time.

Once that stuff’s all done, I’ll start recording! Or – fingers crossed – maybe I’ll be able to start recording before all that stuff gets done. It depends, ya know?

Either way … milestone achieved!

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5 comments on “New Album Progress
  1. Which distributor will you go for?

    • I’m thinking of using for distribution. It looks easy and covers a LOT of ground. I’m actually going to use it for a work project soon, so I’ll be able to test drive it on someone else’s dime, so to speak.

      Have any personal favorites for distribution? I’d love to know about them!

  2. Cool – I’ll check them out. Never heard of them, but they look pretty good.

  3. […] I have started recording. You might remember that I have been working on a new album. I have 11 songs written, and rough voice/guitar demos are done for each […]

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