Singing at a Wedding

Me, rehearsing for the wedding

Last weekend, I was the wedding singer. Not The Wedding Singer – but the wedding singer at the wedding of two people who attend my church.

I haven’t done the wedding singer thing in a LOOONG time. And this one was … let’s just say … interesting.

Why was it interesting?

  • The songs. The bride-to-be wanted a couple of songs. And that was all the direction she gave me! Do you know how hard it is to find some contemporary, religious, wedding music? That you can play with guitar? It’s not easy. I finally discovered two songs – Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath, and … ok – not a christian wedding song – Best Day of my Life by the American Authors. We changed a line, and it worked.
  • The venue. Outside, by the lake. Which was lovely. Except for the wind. The very STRONG wind. I had to hold the mic stand down with one foot while I played!
  • The order of events. The pastor was getting flustered because of all the wind blowing his notes around, and forgot when I was supposed to play one of the songs, and I didn’t jump in. So my wife and I improvised, and played a shorter version of it as they walked “out” after they said “I do.” Then after that, we played the American Authors song.
  • The Wedding March music. The bride decided at the last minute that she wanted to march down the aisle to that song (not a problem – very traditional). So someone planned to download it and play it from their iPhone. Easy, right? Not so much – because no one remembered that we needed a 3mm to 1/4″ adapter to plug the iPhone into the soundboard. So … I made up something on the spot, and it worked just fine. Complete with a key change when the bride made her entrance.
  • The iPad. I keep my chord charts on my iPad, which works great. Didn’t realize this, but an iPad screen is hard to see in direct sunlight. And if you wear sunglasses, most of the screen disappears. So I squinted at the iPad screen without sunglasses while I played and sang.

Honestly, it really went just fine. Forget about the songs, the venue, the order of events, the wedding march music, and the iPad. The bride and groom got married, and seemed to have a lovely time.

And that’s all that really matters!

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