Evans Level 360 Drumheads – Buy Them.

I’m a drummer (among other things), and just switched my old drumheads out for some new Evans G2 Level 360 drumheads.

Have you read about the Level 360 drumheads? Here’s what Evans says about them … on second thought, never mind what Evans says about them. You can check that out here if you’re interested (they basically wrote a bunch of fluff with words like “revolution,” “new standard,” and “innovation”).

But is it true? Are the drumheads revolutionary? I’m here to give an emphatic “yes.”

This little tweak makes all the difference – when you place a Level 360 drumhead on the drum, it’s evenly distributed around the rim of the drum, so the head sits nice and level (hence the “Level 360” moniker).

The result? These drumheads tuned up very easily. I’m used to more of a process – getting the wrinkles out of a drumhead, seating the head by pushing the drumhead in a few times on the drum, and then painstakingly tuning by feel and sound until I get the drum to behave.

With these heads – seriously – all I had to do was finger-tighten the lugs, then turn each lug around once or twice … and I had a usable sound. That fast. Then, the perfectionist that I am, played with it a bit more, until I got the sound I was looking for.

But the process is pretty much pain free now – with these drumheads, it was extremely easy to get a good sound out of them.

And it makes sense. If you’ve ever played with a timpani before, it’s pretty similar. With a timpani, the drumhead extends way over the edge of the rim, so you get a very pure sound out of the drum. That’s pretty much what Evans has achieved here.

For more on Evans Level 360 drumheads, watch the video embedded in this post. It’s Jared Falk from Drumeo (a cool Youtube drummers channel) talking about his experience.

So drummers – these drumheads are the real deal. Just sayin.

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