Using OnSong for Chord Charts

I’ve been using OnSong for about six months or so, and I have to say – it’s one of my favorite music apps!

Why? Because I don’t have to carry around a notebook full of printed music, in different keys, anymore.

OnSong stores all of my chord charts for me! The screenshot included in this post shows what I do:

  • lyrics and chords
  • I make the chords red, so they easily stand out
  • If I use a capo on the song, I make a note of that with a “sticky note” on the screen.

Sometime before Sunday morning, I make a set of songs I’m going to play, and put them in the order I want … and then I just have to flip through the songs.

OnSong has accessories, like it’s own hands-free footpedal and a stand clamp thingie, so you can clamp your iPad onto a mic stand. Right now, I just put the iPad on a normal music stand, and away I go!

Do you use OnSong, or some other tablet version of leadsheets/chord charts? Please share in the comments – I’d love to find out what you’re doing!

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4 comments on “Using OnSong for Chord Charts
  1. Nathan says:

    I’ve been using OnSong since the iPad 1 days and I love it! Haven’t used paper charts for years. They seem silly now. 🙂 I find my chord charts already in OnSong format (and always correct!!) at These two resources together are the best!

  2. Nice! I’ve not heard of – looks like a handy resource. Much easier than reformatting, finding the actual correct chords, putting them in the right places, etc, etc.

    • Nathan says:

      Yeah, very nice! Chords are placed above lyrics right in line with where they are played… all info is included like BPM, time signature, copyright info, intros, instrumentals, etc. Just like the CD, the chart is there. And if there’s a song you need (for worship) that they don’t have, you can request it and they’ll chart it. 🙂

  3. […] iPad. I keep my chord charts on my iPad, which works great. Didn’t realize this, but an iPad screen is hard to see in direct […]

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