Finishing my Songs … this year!

Right now, I have an album’s worth of songs, waiting to be finished and recorded. I just need to … well … actually roll up my sleeves and get em done.

Why aren’t those songs recorded yet? Partly because I’m a bit of a procrastinator. Party because I do a lot professionally (busy job, second job speaking, writing & consulting). Partly because I have a busy family.

OK. Mainly because of the procrastination bit.

What do I have left to do on my songs? Bunches:

  • All the lyrics are written.
  • Most of those lyrics have some sketch of a melody, at least for the chorus.
  • I need to sit down with my guitar and those lyrics, and finalize the melody lines.
  • Then I need to figure out the details of the song – the intro, the order (i.e., intro, verse 1, chorus, bridge, solo, etc.), and the ending.
  • Then … I need to record some sort of scratch track, probably with my voice, guitar, and a click track.
  • Then on to recording the music!

After that, I’ll need to do something with those songs. I’ll probably put them up on Bandcamp, and maybe on SoundCloud. I might even experiment with CD Baby or something. Not sure out that yet.

But my plan, procrastination be danged, is to finish all those songs this year. I can do it!

How about you? Do you have some songs in your head, and you’ve been putting off finishing them? I’d love to hear about it – please share in the comments.

We’ll finish those songs yet!

Image by Charles Hutchins

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One comment on “Finishing my Songs … this year!
  1. […] awhile back, when I said I’m going to record some music this year? Well, this is me, testing my drum micing technique, and getting reacquainted with Logic Pro […]

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