Prepping for Sunday

Screenshot 2:19:14, 10:06 PMHow do I prep for leading worship on Sunday mornings?

Honestly? Mainly practice. Ok – I pray, too. That’s extremely important!

But for the musical stuff, I practice running through all the songs (usually four of them) 2-3 times.

This helps me:

  • get the feel for the tempo and the style of the song
  • nail the transitions between songs
  • feel confident with the singing parts (that’s probably my weakest part of worship leading

My wife frequently sings with me, so if I’m doing a newer song, we will run through that one together. This helps her find a harmony before we’re singing in front of people on Sunday morning!

After a bit of practicing, I am definitely ready – both in playing and in singing – to lead worship for my church.

What do you do to get ready for a performance? I’d love to know!

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