Yikes – another new blog. What will happen here?

Hi! I’m David Lee King. I blog at, of all things, davidleeking.com. (I know – exciting blog name!). Over there, I talk about social media, emerging trends, and libraries. Pretty focused stuff for my speaking/writing/consulting business. It gets lots of readers, I have quite a few industry types who follow me and my blog, etc.

But ya know? Sometimes, I just want to write about my guitar. Or a cool fuzz pedal. Or how I lead worship at my church. And I can’t really do that at my professional blog – it’s not on-topic, and would turn some people away. And it would be sorta weird, too.

So, for a while now, I’ve wanted to create a second blog where I feel more free to write about my other loves:

  • music – music is awesome and should be written about, is it not? And I certainly play enough to warrant posts about music – currently, I lead worship at Relevate Church in Lawrence, KS.
  • music gear – I play a lot of instruments, and would enjoy writing about them once in a while
  • God – I love him too, and would enjoy writing about my God journey a bit.
  • And once in a great while, probably something else entirely.

So … I’ve had a few false starts in the past. I’m planning to stick this one out for a while, and see what happens. Here goes … something!

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David Lee King

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